Maritime Safety Management & Quality Control System

Ensuring safety delivering quality

Safety of Crew and Vessel

•Flexible Procedure Based Safety Management Manual

•Achieving Continuous Vigilance from Vessel and Shore based personnel.

•Zero accidents/incidents throughout the fleet.

•Maintaining High Safety KPI values.

•Good Port State Control performance as regards to Safety.

Perfect Port State Control performance as regards to Security.


Environmental Protection

•Regular voyage EEOI Monitoring.

•Zero harmful discharges overboard.

•Maintaining High Environmental KPI values.

•Perfect Port State Control Performance as regards to environmental issues.


Quality Control Procedures

 Computer Based Document Control / Filing System.

 Use of Software for


•Risk Assessment Reporting,

•Defect Reporting,

•Work list Issuance.

R&D (Research and Development)

•In-house Software Development (customized solutions to meet the Company’s needs)

•In- house plan development


Continuous Training of Personnel

 Contemporary Methods of Training /Familiarization.

•Seminar/Discussion based training for better comprehension and results.


•Combined scenarios

•Timed Drills

•Often Supervised by Company’s Representative

•Lessons learned

 Maritime Resource Management (Attitude / Soft Skills training).

•“Hire for Attitude Train for Knowledge”

•Communicating the Company’s Safety and Operating Culture

•Certified Maritime Resource Management Facilitator

 Up to Date Information.

•Provided on board regularly to raise the crew awareness




We are maintaining High Environmental KPI values.