Our services

We strongly operate all managed vessels in the safest and reliable way.

Commercial Management

  • Chartering

  • Freight collection

  • Sale & Purchase

Operational Management

  • Weather routing

  • 24/7 support

  • EEOI

Technical Management

  • Technical Management for Geared Dry Bulk Carriers

  • Planned maintenance and monitoring system implementation

  • Dry docking and repairs planning and supervising

  • 24/7 tecnical support

  • Classification survey planning and attendance

  • Vessel registration, documentation and certification

  • Pre purchase inspections and vessel condition report

  • Budgeting


Crew Management

  • Recruitment and selection of crew through affiliated crewing offices

  • Crew records maintenance

  • Performance appraisals

  • Strict pre-joining medical examinations

  • Travel arrangements

  • Expenditure forecasts


  • Continuous crew technical training on new technologies

  • ECDIS training

  • Continuous office staff training on new regulations and technologies

  • MRM (Maritime Resource Management) implementation

  • On board training

  • BMSA Preparation


  • Close cooperation with world renowned suppliers

  • Quality product sourcing on time

  • Quality and cost control

Claims and Insurance


Specialized Services

  • Risk management

  • Key Performance Indicators/ Shipping Performance Indexes


We are maintaining High Environmental KPI values.